Reply To: Questions for Ken


Hey Ken!

I’m trying to write a comprehensive history of Sierra; I have some questions. I’ve included some links for you to look at; perhaps you can correct some of the information. I’d really appreciate it as my goal is to eventually write a book on Sierra, though I doubt that will come to fruitation. Sorry for the number of questions, there’s just a very blurry time in Sierra history (1996-1997) in which there’s not a lot of information on the structure of the company and what was going on behind closed doors

1) When did you last work as the CEO of Sierra? I’ve heard conflicting reports that you resigned as CEO in July 1996 immediately after the sale to CUC; some sources have you as CEO as of December 1996 or as late as May 1997. I’ve read that you spent a year (1996-1997) training your replacement for the job, is this true?

2) What was the last product you worked on at Sierra? 
3) Who took your place as the CEO or President?

4) How long did you work for CUC as Vice Chairman and a member of the Office of the President? 

5) What do you remember about Half Life, regarding you signing it or anything regarding it? This article states you met with the creators of Half Life in November ’96 and this is a press release from May 1997 regarding Half Life being signed:

6) What were the roles of Mike Brochu, Scott Lynch, Randy Dersham and Bill Moore at Sierra prior to and after the acquisition by CUC? 

7) Why did Sierra take such an active interest in the and the Family and Home Software (Hoyle, Print Artist, 3D Ultra Pinball, etc) genres?

8) Did Sierra ever venture into hardware? Was this successful?

9) What was the operating structure at Sierra? For example were Impressions and Papyrus grouped under a division called Sports, or did Impressions and Papyrus exist as entirely separate divisions?

10) Is there any inside info you could give us on Sierra from 90-96, some tidbits that people here may not know?

10) How involved with you with the day-to-day management of Sierra as the company grew? Likewise, how involved were you with product development & R+D?

11) Do you have any interest in writing your own book on Sierra?