Reply To: Thank you!


I can fully relate to her sentiments. They echo the story of my own growing-up tale.

I too was affected by your games, all of which oriented my future studies and career aspirations. I went through a sleu of odd-jobs through college until I was able to land a entry-level job working for Blizzard Entertainment, a large video game company. Sadly it wasn’t my original dream of working for Sierra On-Line during the golden era, but living in California allows me to go see where it all I got started. I always wanted to live in the Oakhurst area, but haven’t had the chance to do so. But, I’m still working toward that dream, and hopefully one day I will achieve it. I am always doing my best to do all that I can to get there, and I wish everyone who reads this the very same. We all have dreams, and some that we hopefully all share. Hopefully the Sierra titles are a piece that shaped your everyday lives, for I know they were a crucial piece of mine.

Thanks Ken and Roberta for helping shape the future of generations to come.