Reply To: Question for Ken



The new management of Sierra seems to be doing a little better than previous regimes but…They’re not making ”Sierra” products. Around 99% of the games published under the Sierra label are licensed products from Vivendi’s partners and are based on films or books. For example, Sierra has published games based on: Eragon (the 2006 Film version), 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Scarface.  Very few titles based on legacy or original IP are being produced and the ones that are are very flawed and not up to par with the originals. The games Sierra publishes are either action or strategy titles, and nothing really innovative or ground breaking. Mostly retreads of what’s already out there. Sierra works as an umbrella for 4 of Vivendi’s studios: Massive Entertainment, Radical Entertainment, Swordfish Studios, and High Moon Studios.
The top guys at Sierra are: Martin Tremblay. He acts as ‘President of Worldwide Studios’, and Al Simone, who acts as Senior VP of Global Marketing. Peter Della Penna is the President of High Moon Studios and until this year was COO of Sierra. Bruce Hack is the CEO of Vivendi Games, and he’s the one who made the decision to ”revive” Sierra in the first place.
Would you consider trying to contact any of these guys to maybe point Sierra in the right direction? Sierra should be focusing on it’s own IP, growing the titles that were hits…Not making game versions of crappy movies! I know you’ve tried before, but that was a different management team and at a different time in Sierra’s history….It can’t hurt to try, can it?