Reply To: Some Questions for Ken?


Thanks for your messages! You really should write a book on your experiences with Sierra someday…
About Cyan….Sierra didn’t own Cyan. Cyan was the company which developed Myst in ’93…Broderbund published it for them. Sierra owned:
Dynamix (Acquired 1990)
Brightstar Technologies (Acquired 1992)
Coktel Vision (Acquired 1993)
Impressions Games (Acquired 1995)
SubLogic (Acquired 1995)
Papyrus Design Group (Acquired 1995)
Green Thumb Software (Acquired 1995)
Arion Software (Acquired 1995)
The Pixellite Group (Acquired 1995)
Synergistic Software (Acquired 1996)
Headgate (Acquired 1996)
Books That Work (Acquired 1997)
Berkely Systems (Acquired 1997)
PyroTechnix (Acquired 1997)