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Wow. This is… amazing. Writing a fan-letter to the people who made games in Sierra is something that was always on my mind, as a teenager in the 1990s, but I always dimissed the idea thinking that it’s probably this huge corporation, so the letter will never reach the individual it’s addressed to, and that anyway they’ll never send a response-letter overseas (I live in Israel)… should have had more faith, I guess!*
Do you still keep the letters sent to you by Roberta? Any chance you’ll post their contents here?
Your demo reel on YouTube is also very cool, by the way Smiley

* Little did I realize that a decade and a half later I will be able to contact the same indviduals through email, and that when I ask one of them (Jane Jensen) for an interview, she’ll gladly agree. I mean, if someone told me back at 1995 that one day I’ll be interviewing the woman who made ‘Gabriel Knight’ one day, I would have probably laughed at him for even coming up with the idea.