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-Ken W


nico, r., 2007-03-26 20:26:35


1) Do you still do any programming work in your spare time and how well is your knowledge of today’s systems such as XP or Vista?

*** I program every day, but these days it is in, Javascript, or SQL. I’m very up to date as an engineer.

2) Have you or Roberta played any games, whether PC or Console lately? Some games I would recommend, perhaps for recreation on your next boat trip, are Baldur’s Gate (an RPG) The Longest Journey (Adventure), Empire Earth (A strategy game),  and World of Warcraft (an online game)

*** I haven’t played a game of any sort in years. That said, I play an hour of chess every day, against my dad, via the Internet, on

3) What was/is your favorite genre of gaming? Any particular favorite games from Sierra or any other company?

*** I always thought the future of games was in massively multiplayer games. If I were to re-enter the business, I’d do an online game of some sort.