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Savage, Steve, 2006-09-14 07:21:13

Ken, when you said you were ‘watching some old video from Phantasmagoria’ do you mean from a video tape made during the original production? or from some other source? …

I wondered if anyone would catch that…

I have been digitizing the old Sierra marketing videos, and found some amazing footage, including some ‘video’ from the live shoot on Phantasmagoria. My hope is to put a lot of that video online here. I posted one video – on the Archives page; an old TV commercial from INN, and didn’t like how it looked, and couldn’t get it to work right. Those who REALLY want to can download it — but, you won’t be impressed.

I’m leaving tomorrow to go out of the country for three weeks. I ran out of time to work on this for now. When I get back I’ll try to focus on it — and, on how to get some good looking video going. These videos are too great to be lost. One that is particularly embarrassing is from a big budget news show ( a 20 minute piece from a Dateline-style show ) that has me and Roberta in about 1980 talking in depth about Sierra and the industry. Roberta looks about 10 years old, and I look like an absolute jerk. Hilarious footage ( not deliberately!)

-Ken W