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Since the new compilations don’t offer anything new from the older collections, and actually offer less, there aren’t a lot of reasons to purchase them if you already own the previous collections.  I have a sneaking suspicion that they will just be the old DOS games bundled with DosBox or some sort of DOS emulator.

I like going back and playing the old games every once in a while.  I especially like the old IIgs AGI games because the sound for that time was amazing.

I wish Vivendi at least padded these new releases with other old Sierra games, then I’d be a lot more interested.  There are lots of games that have never been rereleased and probably never will even though they should be.  Or they should just open source the games, even though I don’t have the knowledge to take advantage of that, I’m sure there are lots of fans who would love to update the games to work on modern systems and add new features.