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Roberta can handle the kids and create games at the same time!  Theres the WOW factor. 
I have played Siberia I & II and found that the story and graphics were great.  There was a lot of time walking from one place to another.  But some times I would just stop playing and watch the birds flying around and listen to the sounds.  The game is somewhat gloomy with little commedy that I loved in Sierra games. 
I have also played the shooter ‘Battlefield 1942’.  The game is better played with a group than an adventure game you can enjoy on your own.  It is not very parent like when you are snippering with a head shoot and your kid is watching.  This game could be better with some missions like getting the staff from a sleeping gypse to open a magic door to a treasure room like in KQ5.  The style of Ultima allowed the ability to collect items and place them were you want so you can come back and get them.  In Battlefield 1942 if I drive a jeep to a location and get out, the jeep will blow up on it’s own.
The Xbox’s and the like are designed for this start and stop casual game play.  Does anyone know where the time went that we had to sit and play our Sierra games?  Every time I get on the computer to play a game I can sence my wife’s anger growing as the kids drive her crazy.  Helping my wife take care of the kids takes close to 10pm before they both get to bed.  When we have time after that we are so exhausted we can only play a short game.
I would like to play the Longest Journey but I have not seen it for sale at Wally World. 
‘If you build it, they will come…’ I don’t know.  Himalaya built the Lost Mind of Something.  How are they doing with that?  Have people come to buy their adventure game?