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i would still love to work on an adventure game too. but i dont have the time either. in fact, i have given up trying to do any side projects until i am out of college. i’ll be done in 2007 though, so thats not too far away.

another big reason i gave up on my side projects is that my computer’s drive failed and i lost EVERYTHING. i’m so stupid, why dont i back stuff up! i never learned that lesson i guess. all of my code is gone and i’m not really in the mood to recreate it all. i had a lot actually. my popcorn puzzle game, the blackjack game i was working on with julie (sorry julie 🙁 please don’t hate me), my half done 3d adventure game engine and my complete 2d sprite engine that was made in direct3d. i can’t believe i was so stupid not to back it all up.

if i had time i wouldn’t mind recoding it, but i barely have any time at all for personal projects. i’m married with 2 kids, i work and attend college. i have almost no free time.