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‘Could you honestly picture someone who’s used to playing Metroid having the patience to find out the name of some gnome so that you can take the magic hat to the wizard? Hardly. They’d be looking for a level-up so they can get a better gun to just shoot the gnome and steal the hat.’

i love metroid and real adventure games. i like almost all genres though, except shooters like doom. i know the recent metroid’s look like doom clones, but they aren’t. i do see what you’re saying though, i’m not the average metroid player.

‘To me, adventure games allow you to take a break and step into another world’

me too, i think that is the biggest alure of adventure gaming. and sierra did that the best. nintendo also does this well, and square-enix.

‘If they will only ‘work’ on a PC, what will the dumb kids with bottomless pockets do?’

you don’t need bottomless pockets anymore. one thing i have always thought about being part of the fall of adventure games is the falling price of pc’s. i think adventure games were a product for pc only because of the types of people that could afford pc’s back in there expensive days. back when sierra was king a decent computer would cost you at least 2 thousand dollars, if not 3 (my parents payed almost 3 for our super fast 486!). back then the only types of families that could afford that would be the better off ones whose parents were educated and saw the computer as a worthwhile machine for everything, not just gaming. this would suggest that those people also would enjoy to be intelectually challenged by a game rather than having a game that tests their reflexes, so games like sierra’s dominated. the falling prices of pc’s that have led to nice 500 dollar complete systems have made the pc almost ‘just another console’ to some people. i’m not talking a ‘high end’ system, but you can get a system for that price that will play 90% of all pc games. that has let the ‘uneducated average gamer’ into the pc game market, which means that companies are now catering to those people and not the ones that like to be challenged mentally. i know this sounds rude, but i dont mean it to be. keep in mind i like both kinds of games, twitch arcade style and adventure, just not shooters, i HATE shooters.