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‘I’m not asking for a sequel for any of them(albeit QFG.I hope my import disk can serve some use).’

i do agree there, a sequel to qfg would be nice (it was my favorite series), but they wrapped it up well with 5.

‘And who do you speak for? The only reason adventure games are not sold anymore is you need a CPU to play one. To play a true adventure, you at least need a mouse. What platform console has a mouse, let alone, a keyboard.’

i dont claim to speak for anyone but myself. i’m a computer science major who is hoping to break into game dev after graduation. i have been a pc and console gamer since the mid 80’s. these are just observations and opinions i have made over time by studying the industry that i want to become a part of. i didn’t mean to offend you. as for the console question, the nintendo DS already does have original (albiet simplistic) adventure games on it. the xbox has the longest journey and the siberia games (probably more), and even the ps2 has the last monkey island game. and in case you haven’t been following the next gen stuff, the new nintendo wii will have a precision remote pointer that can be used exactly like a mouse by pointing it at the screen. it would allow for just as much control, it is pixel perfect. adventure games would work well on that system. keyboards haven’t been a nessecary part of adventure games for years, but they can be used on new systems anyway. the ps2, xbox, and xbox 360 all can utilize a usb keyboard and the wii will have usb ports for that as well.

‘If I had a nice chunk of change right now, say 10K, I could probably get something worthwhile going.’

that would not even buy you the harware and dev software needed. unless you went the indie route, which is being done all the time with adventure games as it’s currently the only real option for a new adventure game. but you wouldn’t start the ‘return of adventure games’.

‘There are more people than you know, who would like to play these games. I played KQ3 again, in VGA, with MIDI, for my first time. This was a groundbreaking engine.’

it was groundbreaking, 15 years ago. it’s archaic now. only people like us (fans of the classic adventure games) would bother with a game that looked like that now days. besides, kq3 wasn’t in vga was it? i only remember it in cga. those games had amazing soundtracks, you’re right there. i think that is one of sierra’s most enduring contributions to video games, they really pushed music on the pc.

‘I saw Sierra go from awesome to suck in one year. It started with KQ8. I’d even be willing to play kq7 at this point,’

we all did, that’s why we come to this site. i recently went back and played kq8 all the way thru for the first time and i really enjoyed it a lot this time. i have long since gotten over the ‘oh my god, a 3d action/rpg kings quest’ shock. its really a great game. as for kq7, i recommend you do play it. it’s awesome. one of the best in the series. actually, it’s one of my favorite sierra games all together.