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Hm……. thats too bad because a lot of folks really like the business talk threads. Most of it goes over my head, but a lot of folks get into them.

[quote]What pisses me off the most is that there is no adventure market whatsoever. There is a big fricking demand, but no supply.[/quote]

Based off of what? A few thousand fans petitioning to have new adventure games made? Not good enough, companies create games that are designed to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. And why shouldn’t they? They are in it for the money, like it or not. I will be quiet about this now, as I do not want this thread to be to take an ironic turn to ‘business talk.’ 😉

As far as Ken and Roberta, they are enjoying a great retirement. They gave us a lot, and its cool that we have this board to talk about it on.

For adventure game fixes, The Silver Lining is gonna rock, and we have Sam and Max to look forward to. Brighter days are ahead, my friend!