Reply To: Kings Quest Compilation


It’s all just a rumor.  It doesn’t mean that they’re not being worked on or coming out.  But some of the things like that they’ll be Windows XP compatible sounds unlikely, although maybe that’s why they’re taking so long because VU is trying to patch the games to work in Windows XP.  I’m not keeping my hopes up though.  If I were working on the compilations, I’d make the games bootable from XP with no emulation, and I’d include graphic settings similar to DosBox like OpenGL.  And most important, I’d include new midi sound in any game that didn’t support midi, or at the very least I would incorporate the Apple IIgs sound from the AGI games.  And I’d have different options to play the game as it would play on different systems so people could get that kick of nostalgia that they want.

Everyone is getting their dates and stuff by looking at internet shopping sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart.  They must be getting their information from somewhere about compilations being released, but pre-release date inforatmion from these sites is almost always unreliable unless it has been unofficial announced by the publisher, and even then it could be changed.  So there’s really not much you can do other than wait and not worry about it.  If they’re released then they’re released, and if not then at least you didn’t kill yourself waiting.  Just check these Sierra fan sites every couple months and I’m sure you will see a stickied thread titled SIERRA COMPILATIONS RELEASED!!!!!!