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Quote:, theresa, 2006-07-31 09:04:49

I am looking for Nascar Racing 2003 Season for a PC.My son wants it so bad and I’m  looking all over the world to try to find it for him.I did bid on the game on Ebay and won.I sent the seller the money and now the seller is refusing to send me the game or my money back. It broke my heart to tell my son that I found the game and then need to tell him he still can’t have it.Please help me….


I don’t have a copy. I checked eBay, by entering the search term: ‘nascar (sierra, papyrus)’ – and found 27 copies. On eBay, each selling has a rating showing the total number of transactions, and how they rated. Never buy from a seller who doesn’t have a lot of transactions and a perfect, or near-perfect record. Generally, I won’t buy from someone who doesn’t done 100s or 1,000s of transactions, with a 99% or 100% rating. This means paying more, but I’ve done a couple of thousand transactions on eBay and never been ripped off (at least not in recent years).

The price that Nascar is going for shocked me — $80-100. I wouldn’t have expected that. It was a GREAT game, but I don’t understand the high price. Wow!

What did the seller give as an excuse for not shipping?

-Ken W