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The qualities I saw in the management style of Sierra were in its relationship to its customers.
1.  Sierra offered to exchange software disk with customers whos computer did not meet the advance 256 color specs for KQV.
(although I could kick myself for doing it because I got a new computer not long after that)
2.  Ken and Roberta wrote what felt like personal letters about the company in their promotion booklets.  They made .avi videos of how the business started and how they viewed their creation style.  This formed a bond between company and consumers.
3.  They gave the ‘WOW’ factor in each new game they created.  I was amazed at the graphics of each game that came out.  In KQV when the weeping willow transformed to a princess all I could say was WOW!
4.  They focused on and delivered quality.  At the time I had very little problems installing a Sierra game.  I knew what I was buying worked at the specs on the box.  No minimum and maximum standards.
Ken, I give you an ‘A’ from the consumers standpoint.