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360 degree evaluation … I guess one company I worked for executed the 180 degree evaluation 🙂 … coworkers at similar levels (ranks) to yourself evaluated each other … isn’t that convenient for those above you..

As for 360, 180, 90 .. etc. evaluation … I am skeptical for political reasons.  Some people are just too plain sensitive to authority and too emotional.  They lose objectivity when their feelings are hurt are they are ‘rubbed the wrong way’.  The guy in charge of a team may be wonderful for the company as a whole, but because his style is aggressive and ‘take no hostages’, he receives negative evaluations.  This is just one problem I see.

How do handle this situation?  Do you get rid of this guy?  If you keep him in his current position and with his current team, I would assume there would be productivity issues, right?  Or do you get rid of the team because people that give negative reviews because they are overly sensitive put the company’s future in jeopardy?

All of this just seems too complicated and tricky… why not be responsible enough as a manager of a division to track each subordinates task list (deliverables, deadlines, hours spent working, deadlines met, etc…)  Keep the politics out.  If Joe Schmo had 8 deliverables in a 3 month span and he can show that he completed all 8 deliverables, the guy is good.  If Harry Henderson had 8 deliverables in a 3 month span and he can show that he only completed 1 with 7 excuses, he probably needs to be let go.

Numbers don’t lie (8 deliverables, 240 hours, # of deliverables met, etc…).