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Generally, I divided the world into people who were there to win, and those who were there for the paycheck.

Last one … I promise!

It is really great to get positive reinforcement for my beliefs from someone that has been such a success.  Ken, I would like to believe you would have hired me. 🙂

Back to the topic at hand … this must be where the ‘profit-sharing’ concept arose ???  Companies realized that a large portion of there work force (i am speculating now) were ‘the paycheckers’.  The only way to alleviate this problem was to have them actually benefit from the companies success.  Duh, right?

Here’s the thing though … if you are a ‘paychecker’, you are most probably not driven and motivated; otherwise you would be out there kicking butt.  If you are not driven, then you are probably not looking to get rich (make extra dough) … in other words you are satisfied, and no amount of profit sharing incentive has an affect on you.  In other words, profit sharing doesn’t work if someone does not want to work hard and would like to spend the times in their lives elsewhere.

I always say ‘it revolves around the individual’ … if the person has that tiger mentality … then they will help you to succeed no matter how much profit sharing, other financial incentive, etc….it is part of who they are … it is a pride thing.