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Wow. Every time I hear any news about the tragedy I haven’t heard before, it really makes me sad. 🙁

I think I understand Vivendi’s ‘peculiar behavior’ in terms of
big-business thinking. The bigger a company gets, the less close-knit
it becomes and it’s hard for corporate executives to believe that
someone just wants to ‘help out’ or do anything for the good of the
company without personal gain. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it
draws a little bit of suspicion.

While Ken may genuinely want to help and asks for no money, Vivendi by
natural instinct has to be cautious and assume the worst — an
infiltration? a hostile takeover? access to something? — it’s
terrible, but it’s true.

I used to work for a movie theater company that started out small in
the 90s and is now one of the largest chains after being bought, sold,
split, merged and chopped over the years. With every change came a
sweeping reform in policies, shuffling of staff, reorganizing of
locations, etc. Whenever a different person was put in charge, the
company lost a little more of its ‘soul.’ Much like CUC placing someone
with no software knowledge in charge of Sierra, most of the people in
charge of that theater company are real estate, communications, or
travel executives. Hardly any real theater experience.

That said, Ken you are a remarkable person, and I think your modesty
and care towards the people that surround you make all of your
accomplishments far greater than they would be on their own. One day,
I’ll sit down and write the letter I’ve been meaning to write since 7th
grade. Back then, I had to submit an essay about a ‘famous person whose
shoes you’d like to fill’ and I wrote about Ken Williams. Which is why
when you said, ‘A lot of people (1,000 Sierra employees) were hurt
horribly by what
occurred. Thousands of others who would have someday worked for Sierra
will never work there.

A brand name that once was amongst the finest in
the world, now means little. Games that would have existed will now
never be created. Thousands of lives were ruined.’ a piece of me died.
But you’ve made the trail, and maybe if I make enough money selling off
my Sierra collection, I’ll blaze that trail and start the SECOND
greatest adventure game company that ever lived. 😉

Take care!