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You won’t remember me, but I’ll never forget you and the company that
changed my life.  My main tour of duty was with Coktel Vision in
France.  My first project was Gobliiins, I joined the team
sometime in late 1990, and I helped with the in-game musical
arrangements.  From there, I went on to help with Gobliins
2.  At some point, around 1992-1993, I was able to make a
short-lived move to the US Oakhurst facility, I was only there for a
few months.  I did background musical work on a few games at that
time.  I remember my excitment when I was able to seek a seat in
on one of the late King’s Quest planning sessions, although I was not
on the team, and listen to some of Roberta’s amazing concepts. 
After my short stay in the US, I moved back home and stayed with Coktel
Vision for a short while longer.

Although my time at Oakhurst was brief, I was able to meet dozens of
amazing people.  A small handful of these  I have kept in
touch with through the years, but sadly, I have lost touch with
most.  I am still in ‘the industry’, and I will never forget the
time I spent and the lessons I learned during my Sierra days. 
Glad to hear that you and Roberta are doing well, and enjoying your
well-deserved retirement.  

God bless,
Darren Krane