Reply To: Cancelation of KQIX


Hey everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that myself and many

other King’s Quest fans have joined together and started an organization to try to save KQIX.

Our website address is:

We feel very strongly that our best bet to save the

is through a letter writing campaign.  If you care about KQIX and want
to see it released, I strongly urge you to take 10 minutes and write a
letter to Vivendi Universal Games.  Let them know how much you were
looking forward to the game.

I know some of you may have already
sent emails.  That’s great, but we still need you to send a physical
letter via the good ol’ postal service.  A physical letter will have so
much more of an impact than an email.  The emails are probably never
seen by anyone except a couple of low level people who’s job it is to
check those email

accounts.  It’s easy to dismiss thousands of
emails.  But it’s hard to ignore thousands of actual letters. Physical
letters will have  more of a visual impact.  Think of how those Vivendi
executives will feel when the see those stack and stacks of letters!

know some of you may have also signed the petition that has been
circulating.  We think the petition IS a great idea, but really believe
that a personally written letter from each one of you, rather than the

petition, will be EVEN more effective.  In fact, the person that
created the petition is a major part of our organization.  Oh, and
don’t worry; if you’ve already signed the petition, it WILL be sent to

Vivendi. However, we ask that you still write a letter to them.

Visit our webpage for the mailing address to VU Games.  Stop by the

and say hello.  Let’s make it known that there are a lot of adventure
game fans out here that want to see the game released.  We need EACH
AND EVERY ONE OF YOU in order to be successful.

Please, take 10 minutes out of your day to write that letter.  It’s the

best chance we have to save KQIX!

Take care,