Reply To: Cancelation of KQIX


My two buckazoids:

Is VU in their rights to force KQ9’s demise? Yes. Is it wise? No.

Boeing is pursuing something very similar in the model kit industry. They argue that a model kit of a 747 is a violation of their intellectual property rights because the manufacturers do not pay royalties. This is an accurate claim.

But what is not generally known is that if model makers were forced to pay license fees, most would fold. No one would buy their kits. Hence, less $ for Boeing.

Thirty years ago, a kit of an F-18 was considered free advertising. Indeed, in the past, wiser souls have allowed ‘free loaders’ on the grounds that in the end, the original copyright holder reaps teh most benefit. And usually, they do.

I doubt VU’s action was malicious. They are re-releasing KQ, and that probably had something to do with it. It’s like when Paramount issues dozens of C&Ds right before releasing a new STAR TREK film; it’s to curb the illegal (and sometimes, fan-based) reproductions of ST ships and the like.

Unfortunately, the usual result of this corporate action is to make people upset. Pheonix was making NO money on this project. I was really looking forward to KQ9. All VU has done is to disappoint me. I will not buy their new compilations. Why would I want to? I can find the games on E-bay. I’d rather have the original editions and therefore something more valuable than VU’s half-hearted appeal to my nostalgia.

As for VU taking the KQ9 project under its wing, I doubt that will ever happen. And if it did, I doubt KQ9 would be the game it was meant to be.

Judging from the other boards I’ve read, I’m not the only one to feel burned. This will cost them other customers. And in the end, the profit they sought so hard to protect.