Reply To: Cancelation of KQIX


The trailer the KQ9 team released is probably what gave Vivendi the
ammo they needed to fire off the C&D.  It really is
unfortunate since it’s my understanding that the game was only weeks
away from being completed.  IMHO, this certainly serves as a
warning to fan game developers to stay under radar and not draw too
much attention to your project until the game is completed and
released.  At least that way, in the event of a C&D, the cat
will already be out of the bag.  As it stands right now the KQ9
team is faced with either scrapping all the work they’ve done over who
knows how many years, or removing any reference to Vivendi’s copyrights
and then releasing it.   All they’d really have to do is
change the names and likenesses and they should be in OK
territory.  The important thing to remember about the KQ9 project
is that the story and graphics are all original.  KQ fans would
certainly be able to see through character name changes.