Reply To: Cancelation of KQIX


If you read the Phoenix Online thread, “Erpy” (who is from AGDI) has posted some very valid points. Vivendi likely has no intention of doing anything KQ-related, but they do have to protect their copyright if they ever want to in the future. Not that they’re likely to, but they have to protect that copyright. They wouldn’t waste their time with KQ9 when it first started – why bother, as many fan games don’t make it as far as KQ9 has. Now that KQ9 released a trailer, VU sees that they’re serious and sends them a C&D. The quality of KQ9 appears so good that if VU had any sense, they would officially license it. Project Director Cesar recently posted that “we are trying to negotiate with Vivendi” and we can only wish them the very best in that.