Reply To: Cancelation of KQIX


I know this board has been a little sparse, but if anyone works their way over to the vivendi forums:  they can see how many people are really upset by this move. I am not an expert in the video game industry, but, if I had to imagine, and if BOTH Phoenix online and the fans bug Vivendi enough, something will be made out in the near future. I THINK, or I imagine, that Vivendi has some motivation behind doing this move, they may be planning something concerning the King’s Quest franchise. What do you all think? I know there is probably a bit of bitterness in all of us, but besides that, do you all think Vivendi has any motivation behind cancelling this after, what, three, four years of Phoenix’s announcement of this unofficial sequel?

Hmm, I just can’t seem to think that vivendi would do this “just because” – and it’s fairly obvious that many people are quite angry about Vivendi’s decision…I respect vivendi (to an extent) but their motivation still lingers in my mind…

So, what do you all think? Do they have any motivation behind this?