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My compliments as well to the Williams.

I was first introduced to Sierra On-Line in 1991, with The Castle of Dr. Brain, EGA version from Egghead Software (anyone remember them when they sold software in stores?). I played it on a 286. The imagination was so obvious – whoever wrote these games were geniuses.

This was the era of Sierra On-Line and LucasArts. Both developers made the adventure games that people loved.

I can still remember playing Kings Quest V on a 486. I couldn’t stop playing. I even beta tested Power Chess at the time. Got to usability test Master Cook as well. Went to Sierra’s studio in Bellevue in 1998. Too bad Ken and Roberta had long left the company by then.

I hope that Ken and Roberta are doing well in Mexico. I still have great memories of living in the Seattle area, mostly of the great games that came out of that city just south of Redmond…

Your genius shaped many people. I’m very glad to see that you two are still active in the community.

Take care,

Alex Smith
Nashville, Tennessee (formerly of Kent/Covington, Washington)