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Dear Mr. Ken Williams & Mrs. Roberta Williams,

I just discovered your site and I’m so happy to restore those wonderful memories about the best adventure games ever created.
I and my friends really missed those great games these days, I think no other company comes close to match your adventure games in the past and in the time been.
I’ve been playing your games since 1990, and I’m still keeping my Sierra on-line magazines at my library (the first one goes back to “spring 1990”).

I really missed those pioneer games (from King Quest & Quest for Glory to Conquests of Camelot & IceMan), I and my friends spent months playing them in the weekends with great pleasure and happiness, our spare time at the School was for finding hints for the puzzles we encounter (that was really a true adventurer for us, we felt that we are the happiest people on earth), where are those series today…. …., its really sad, Vivendi Universal simply killed them.

Mr. Ken, you are not old to retire at this age, neither you Mrs. Roberta, both of you are still young, you can restore this valuable gem back on line, buy it back from Vivendi Universal, you can bring back Nasdaq:SIER, yes you can do it, I think any Venture Capital firm would be glad to invest in this gem.
However as far as I remember your son Chris used to write some articles at Sierra on-line magazine, he liked the gaming industry, what he is doing now, he can lead the new Sierra on-line under your supervision, I would certainly do that if I were him.

I was lucky to find your site, thanks to one poster at “” forum, I think you should put an ad for this site at some gaming magazines, to know how many Sierra fans out there, believe me there are many, they are waiting for those legendary games to emerge again.

This site has restored the most beautiful memories I had that time, you don’t know how much Sierra on-line contributed to my childhood experience, for me and many of my friends, it was our primary activity to set and talk about those games and how to find a solution if we stuck somewhere in our adventure, now a days we are dreaming about those titles, and we gather and start remembering those days, I wish they come back, even I’m still keeping my QG5 abilities and skills file, hoping to upload it in the next QG6 one day………..

Thank you very much Mr. Ken & Mrs. Roberta for creating such a marvelous company, Sierra on-line will be engraved in my heart forever.

A long-time Sierra on-line lover,
Computer Networks Engineer.