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“… (by Florian Holzbauer) Hi dear friends,
hi Ken,

two years ago I posted a question that video which could be found on that King’s Quest Collection with KQ I-VI on it. And there was this “The fun has just begun” video which did impress me pretty much. Is there any way to get a grab on it? I unfortunately lost the CD with the games and the video on it.

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Hi, Florian

I have this video, as well as many others that came on the King’s Quest and Space Quest discs. I have placed them all on my FTP server for download. The username and password for this server is available on request, as I don’t want casual lurkers slamming my server…There’s about 250MB of stuff that I extracted from the CDs.

The AVI videos are in their original format. The video codec is Indeo 3.2 and the audio is PCM. In other words, these should play on just about anything. In the videos there are several interviews with Ken, Roberta, and the developers of both the KQ and SQ series. I have also extracted series information that contains information about each game and Q&As with the developers. Those are formatted as Windows .HLP files. In the KQ directory I have archived a program called the Developer’s Shield, which contains information about the creation and production of Sierra games, including preliminary sketches. Just extract and run Sierra.EXE. It works fine on my XP system. However, remember the images only display at 320×200. This was 10 years ago and 1600×1200 desktops weren’t exactly common. The videos are only 160×120 – In fact the bulk of the space they take up is actually the audio. However, these are interesting videos and I’m sure anyone here would like to see them.

Email me  to get the FTP username and password to download.