Reply To: .bat files


“… (by Gildor Inglorion) some bat files (eg. lsl5.bat) execute the scidhuv.exe followed by some variables/parameters, eg. scidhuv.exe %1 %2

what parameters are acceptable for scidhuv and btw what’s the difference running the game from the .bat. instead of sierra.exe or scidhuv.exe? what are those %1 %2 for and what difference do they produce in execution?…”

“%1 %2” are just pseudo-parameters to re-direct parameters from the BAT file to the EXE program.
If you do not state any parameter when running the BAT, then the EXE won’t have any as well. If you state a “-v” parameter (just a dumb example) on the command line after LSL5, that will execute “SCIDHUV -v”. %1 is the first parameter of the BAT (if any), %2 is the second, %3 would be the third, etc. You can arrange them as you please in a BAT file, which can be very useful sometimes.

In this case, it’s not very useful, and is strictly the equivalent of running SCIDHUV.EXE.