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I’m not sure if I had posted this earlier (and I hope this isn’t too offtopic), but I wanted to let Ken Williams know about a time when I used one of his “InterAction” columns for an English class assignment. Way back in freshman year of HS (more than 10 years ago) my class was reading Fahrenheit 451 and one of our assignments was to bring to class an article that talked about censorship in some way. It so happened that that same week the latest “InterAction” had arrived at my house and in it Ken writes about the newest and upcoming Sierra products, but also talks for a bit about censorship and even mentions Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in the article. I brought in Ken’s article and the teacher loved it so much I even got extra credit points (if I remember no one else really brought in acceptable articles). In fact, my teacher actually asked that I photocopy the article so everyone in the class had a copy, then devoted the entire class period to reading the article outloud to us, word-for-word, and then instructed us to identify Ken’s thesis, etc. I thought the whole thing was pretty neat.