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“… (by Ryan Nicotera) Dear Ken and Roberta,

I am a new member on this site, but I first want to say thank you for all of the great games you’ve made such as King’s Quest. The first computer game I ever played was King’s Quest V when I was 5 (I am 15 now) . I have games I-VII (and I still play them today), the Space Quest series and two of the Quest for Glory Games. My question was have you ever considered buying back Sierra, especially now since it is “dead” and perhaps trying to revive it and some of it’s series?

I thought about it a few years back — but, I don’t see it ever happening. If Roberta and I ever work again, it will be something that we can do while maintaining our busy travel schedule.

We are into boating, and waiting to take delivery of a new boat. Once it arrives, we are going to spend several years circumnavigating.

That said, Roberta is hard at work on a book. Actually, to be more precise, she is hard at work creating a world, characters and a story. Whether it will be a book, a screenplay, or a computer game, is too early to say.

I also have a book that I’m working on. I published a book last year (  ) about Roberta and I crossing the Atlantic on our boat. My new book has nothing to do with boating. Like Roberta, I really don’t want to talk about what I’m working on – yet. But, it is in the fiction category, and people here will like it.

Both Roberta and I are focusing on books because it’s something you can do without needing a company and employees. We like going new places, and the idea of sitting still for the 3-5 years it would take to do a game, or run a game company, doesn’t fit our life (anymore). Plus, we did that for 20 years. It’s time for the next generation.

And, of course — I have my  project. It keeps me MORE than busy.

Thank you,
Ken Williams