Reply To: Graphics Programming


I am a big fan of the Sierra programs like King’s Quest and Space Quest. I have a copy of two .avi files that Ken and Roberta made about the company and their games. If the King’s Quest games were created using AGI or SCI, how were these IDEs created? Did they start out with assembly code? The programming I am learning so far only outputs text to the screen. That is more like Zork. One of the .avi files states that Mystery House was the first game with graphics. I have heard that the old computers you could address the graphics buffer directly. I know this is probably more technical questions than the web page is set up for.

As a fan, I started getting interested in computers when I saw the Atari 64k on display at a local store. At a place where I worked, IBM brought in the PS/2 and showed the employees one of the Kings Quest games on their new system. I bought a computer and Kings Quest III. I have sence purchased KQ IV, KQ V, KQ II, Space Quest, and many more. It is said to see these games no longer working on the new PCs. I still crank up the old computer to play Kings Quest V.

To Ken and Roberta, thank you for the memories from such great games!!!