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“I’ve never been into art for art’s sake.”

Interesting you should mention that. I can go both ways. Actually, the site I started (today nontheless) is for my friends’ and mine production company so we can get ourselves out there a little more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some of our short films that we’ve done and update family, friends, and fans of new projects. Since I’m still in school, the art side of things is what I’m focussing on. Even so, I’m trying to market a few TV concepts to my contacts at Sony Studios. It may or may not happen as of this point.

Back to the documentary. I want to do it as part of a future school project, hence my desire to do art for art’s sake. But I’d like to market it as well. I have contacts at KOCE as well as a production company for television owned by non-other than Danny DeVito. So I HAVE thought about pitching the idea to KOCE. Of course it would have to be funded privately.

I’m really glad to have gotten in contact with you. It’s amazing what happens when you’re not ‘looking’ for anything in particular on the internet. Perhaps we could talk some more via personal e-mail when the time comes? Thanks again.