Reply To: Steve


Hi Ken!

From time to time I (re)read the documentation of Sierra games. Mostly because they are fun to read but sometimes just to get a feeling for the good ‘ol days 😉 I came across a piece in the Tenth Anniversary Catalog and wanted to ask you something about it. The piece is about Steve Wozniak, the original creator of the Apple computer. In the letter he talks about his plane crash and the time he spend playing Sierra games in the hospital. In the letter he also thanks you (Sierra) for the happiness that you brought in his life. You say in the piece that that letter came at a very important time in your life because you needed to know the company was taking the right direction. The letter was dated May 23, 1981.

I would like to know if you kept some kind of correspondance with him or if you even met him in real life. He was your hero after all 😉