Reply To: A strange request…


The Sierra family obviously extends far beyond simply including those people who actually worked for Sierra. We, the fans, are/were also part of this family. Ken mentions at several places on this site how one of the major goals pursued by Sierra was to create and maintain a personal relationship with customers. Because of its original influence and impact, many fans still view this relationship (years after classic Sierra’s demise) as important. And I reckon Ken and Roberta should respect that, as I’m sure they do.

To coincide with these thoughts, I reckon this site is a wonderful place for fans to be put in contact with those individuals who crafted the games we loved. I have many questions myself. For example: Why wasn’t Dynamix allowed to make more adventure games – why cancel Willy Beamish 2 and the second Blade Hunter game? Why was QFG4 and Outpost released when they were obviously in unfinished states, thus undermining these games forever? And why pursue a partnership with a mediocre developer like Coktel Vision when there were many other, better options – it would seem solely for business reasons (giving Sierra a foothold in continental Europe)? Certainly Ken doesn’t have the time to provide the in-depth answers we seek to these and other questions.

Anyway, my point is: this site is about reliving the glory days of Sierra On-line, a magical place we all hold in high regard. Obviously many fans would love to have access, through this site (how else?), to the people who made up Sierra and produced those great games we all still cherish.