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True about BC and Disney. Isn’t BC openable with AGI Studio? You could then see the source code 🙂

I did that awhile ago, but the impression I got was that the source code variables and function calls were obfuscated at one point. There are some tiny code fragments I have from a magazine cutout about KQ1 written waaay back in the day (I can dig it up and post it if anyone’s interested), and from that I saw that the variable Sierra liked to use to reference the main character was Ego, but I don’t remember seeing such a thing when I looked at it with AGI Studio. Variables in the logic resource when opened by AGIStudio look like they’re all referenced with v(integer). I also saw no code documentation whatsoever. It looks like the true source code was chewed by some kind of preprocessor before being dumped into the resource files that the game uses. Ken, you helped write the AGI interpreter in the first place. Is there any truth to this?