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This is the simplest solution I could come up with:

  1. Create an interesting and varied game world (the setting).
  2. Then create two hundred main quests.
  3. Each main quest will apply to a specific player character.
  4. The player is at first provided with a blank/generic character (which the player can create, within certain limits).
  5. He/she is given the option (through interacting with pre-programmed NPC’s or human game masters) of assuming the identity of a pre-determined player character; and in turn assuming the responsibility for finishing a specific main quest.
  6. If at some point the player gets stuck or tires of this quest, he or she can visit an inn or similar establishment where the quest can be returned to the main collection of quests (for another player to try and solve it).
  7. Only one player can attempt any one main quest at one time.
  8. Another thousand or so subquests (i.e. diversions), that would be accessible to everyone, can be created to keep players interacting.
  9. Present everything in an isometric perspective (with 3D polygonal characters on 2D pre-rendered backgrounds) that would be familiar to adventure game fans. And which should allow access to players with older computers.

I’m not a programmer, so I’m not the best person to judge the logistical viability of the above ideas. However, as a generally creative type of guy I’d love to be a writer/designer on this (as long as the division of work/responsibility is clearly divided between the different members of the writing team).

And hi to Chris Williams. I still remember that article you wrote about mopping up fake blood on the Phantasmagoria set. (Your writing had this “man, this is cool” quality about it.) It was great having a kid my own age skulking about Sierra. I guess, in a sense, us younger fans identified with you.

Anyway, good luck on your future endeavours! And let us know if you ever decide to go into game development!