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“… (by Chris Schweiter)

What you are proposing is to eliminate the RPG aspect from MMPORGs, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it effectively guts them….”

Mmm…. Really what I was saying is what the ground rules one would have to lay down if he wanted to create something that really was an adventure game and not a role playing or action game. I tend to think in terms that if you try and just blodge one thing about and force it to become something else that it isn’t, you’ll just get a half-assed whatever. So I’m not talking about taking an MMORPG and cutting it down and then trying to add some new stuff in, but rather, that if you wanted to create a new genre (MMOAG) based on traditional adventure games, the first thing one would have to do is accept those limitations before he could go on to actually making a design that could be successful.
But as you stated, whether or not there is any design that could be successful is unclear. …Or at least a design that is feasible to make based on X budget and Y time (and 0 idea of how well it would do either.)

At the moment I personally don’t have any solution–or even if I thought I did it wouldn’t mean I was right of course =)
Am certainly open to post what various thoughts I have had playing MMORPGs, but I do think that for the moment doing such a thing as a true MMOAG would be a very difficult task. Mostly was just trying to show where I think my parents (and myself as it is) would come from on encountering an MMORPG.
…And of course the only game design experience I have is having a wizard named after me.


PS. Howdy Brandon and Johann as well =)