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“… (by abgdf) Hi Ken,

on the main page you write, people ask you about writing a book.
Why not write an adventure instead ?

All the Best


Roberta is the writer in the family. I did write a book (  ), but only in my wildest dreams is it likely to surpass selling 500 copies. I’ve got another book I’m starting that will be fiction, but I’ve already got doubts that it will sell as well as this last one. I’m enjoying being able to be creative, but to really succeed you need talent, and I need work in that department.

Roberta on the other hand is quite talented, and will write something worth everyone reading. She threatened my life if I say anything about it — so, I’ll stop there. Don’t rush to your bookstore. She is wrapping up research, and should start writing post Christmas — but, it could easily be a couple of years before anything shows up at a bookstore.

-Ken W