Reply To: Question About Marketing


Sierra’s demo disks must have been really effective as a marketing tool. I have a news clipping about those… but what I’ll post now to also go along with this topic is an advertisement of King’s Quest IV from the November 1988 issue of Compute! It’s really cool, definitely one of the coolest ads I have. Unfortunately, the right side of the ad is actually cut off like that – that’s the actual proper dimension of the magazine.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in old computer mags, after I have carefully removed the Sierra content from them, let me know immediately or they’re just going in the recycling. I usually pull anything interesting, such as ads for the Ultima games or things that may be of interest from other computer companies, but who knows what someone else might find interesting. And the flip side of that is, if you have any old computer magazines with Sierra stuff in it that you can donate to my archival work, again as always that would be much appreciated.

1988 KQ4 ad, 800 pixels wide