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“… (by .za) I have gotten word from Al the orignal designer of the LSL game and i could not agree more with him they have taken out a lot of elements of LSL. I personal dont even think that this is a adventure. who are the developers trying to fool. all the new game commers think that LSL MCL is a adventure game. Ken have you tried the game

I’m going to try to buy LSL MCL sometime over the next few days. I played a few minutes of a demo that I downloaded, that was in German, and couldn’t tell much about it.

I’m looking forward to playing it, because I was a huge fan of the Leisure-Suit Larry series, and can’t wait to play another LSL game.

Unfortunately, all indications are that I will be angry as I play. Apparently, the new Sierra owners didn’t understand Larry. Neither Al nor I was ever consulted. Larry’s “magic” was that it knew where to stop. There is a fine line between humor that is gross and humor that is racy. Al knew where this line was, and was able to produce a series that was loved by BOTH male and female players. If you go back and look at the Larry games, the female characters may have been sexy, but they were also generally smart. Rarely were women portrayed as bimbos. Generally, the joke was on Larry, and the women were intelligent. Nudity was hinted at, but rarely shown. Bad language was hinted at, but never used. In the parts of the new Larry I saw, the language was offensive, and worst of all – it ddn’t seem funny! I’m not saying this well, but I think the developers never took the time to study what made Larry special, or understand the demographic of who was playing Larry.

I’ll still play the game, in the way that Matrix fans will see the next movie, regardless of whether the last one was good or not. At some point though, if the Larry games don’t change, I’ll stop buying them, as will others. Hopefully Vivendi will read the reviews and learn from them. Larry is an awesome franchise, and I’ve tried for a decade to buy the rights, so that I could make an animated film based on Larry. Perhaps Vivendi will see from the product sales that Larry fans are out there, and see from the reviews, that they built a bad product — and, call Al the next time.

-Ken Williams