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(re: re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) what a wonderful mechanism for sharing ideas with a legend. if i had tried to contact you through “normal channels” during your years at Sierra…GOD only knows the difficulty.
why keep waiting for someone to buy Sierra so that you can jump back into an “R&D role” or “chairman role”? You and Roberta have a big enough name in the industry to start another “thread” of a game company without the need for Sierra. people are(were) loyal to sierra, but not because it’s Sierra, but because of what Sierra created. you WERE that creation! wouldn’t your vision again be bound and restricted by some higher authority if you were to return to Sierra? you mention that the popularity of internet sales is on the rise. this would help your cause. i am willing to bet that if you put together a great game..the perfect game…and sold it on this site alone that the rewards would be reaped many times over. at the very least, the game would be 100% you and your ideas. from what i read about you, this would probably be the most gratifying aspect.
of course, you would need some programming resources to help create this masterpiece…that’s where I would come in! 🙂 a young, intense, passionate developer willing to live off of scraps with the thought of the possibility of joining forces with a game legend and producing a great product could come in extremely handy.
am i misguided?