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(re: re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) I know how you feel, trust me, I know. I know the feeling that you have about Sierra and its best creations.
Ken has already explained that:
“I think about it sometimes. I did make a call to see if Sierra could be bought back, but have no idea how I would raise the $500 million or so it might take.
Actually, what I would most like to see occur is for some game company to make me “chairman” of a product committee, where I can spend my life working with the product teams. I don’t ever want the grief again of “trying to make quarterly revenue goals”. But, I do miss the creativity and innovation of building great product.
Sooner or later, Sierra will be managed by someone who thinks I could add value. (I hope…)”
The problem is, I can’t see the point of buying back Sierra. The only thing you would archive this way is to be able to mark a product with the Sierra name. But why do you need that? It will be nothing but a waste of money.
For example, I could have produced a game that incorporates the best of Sierra in it, but of course it couldn’t carry Sierra’s name.
Would you buy my game if it indeed was of an outstanding quality, or you’d say, no, I don’t buy crap because it is not produced by a company named Sierra?