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(re: Ken Williams – after Sierra, Meditation?) Dear Ken,
You say:
‘If we did it exactly perfectly, the goal would be to do something that no one has done before. I’m into innovation, not just doing the “same thing over again with a new plot”‘
The point here is indeed to do something no one has done before — but something that has even more meaning and relevance than your previous games. Only then is innovation good, only then technology would assist spiritual development — I’m sure you know what I mean.
Indeed — take a few years off, enjoy yourselves, clear your heads, look within yourselves — and I’m sure you’ll be ready for new, far greater adventures. Roberta could write a book based on your new discoveries, and then you could turn the book into a game — how about that? A good game has a good plot. A game based on a good book would be an outstanding game.
May I suggest practicing meditation as a starter? It has been a life-saver for me, and a real mind and eye opener. By meditation I mean clearing one’s mind and listening to the silence between thoughts. For 1-2 hours a day. Many people confuse various forms of concentration for meditation i.e. some complex visualisation, etc., but believe me, if you take on simple, real meditation as a starter, it would greatly help your creativity and physical condition, too!
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Warmest regards,
Vesselin Peev (Vesko)