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(re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) Dear Ken,
Ah your last comments reek of hope!!!
I feel what you are saying about not doing the same thing all over again. I think you could make a new King’s Quest and at the same time redifine gaming again.
Like King’s Quest V. I had grown with the Sierra games, and technology, and nothing hit me as hard as KQV. The speech, graphics, story, music, the whole presentation was to me shockingly awesome. Wow, the first game I think I ever owned on CD.
I think you could even have King Graham in it again, and still be more innovative than any other company around. Look at Squaresoft and the Final Fantasy series. Every game has the same basic elements of gameplay, and yet the games are innovative almost every new chapter. The technological leap from Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) to Final Fantasy 7 (PS2) was insane!!! But nowdays a King’s Quest on say X-Box might not be as strange as it was to put KQV on the old Nintendo.
Hey maybe you could talk Mr. Gates into getting Sierra back for you and Roberta!!! Then just promise to give all publishing or manufacturing to Microsoft!! You and Roberta could develop the “Ressurecting” King’s Quest for PC and X-Box exclusivley.
The adverts : “The Rebirth of Adventure Gaming”
But I will stop badgering you Ken, it sounds like you would love to do something along those lines, and that will help me have sweet Sierra dreams again.
Even if that never happens, I plan on going back through every Sierra game ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! I plan on having a 11ft wide theater screen and digital projector, and man that will give new life to those old games!!!
I do think “Adventure” gaming is in need of deep change, and that can only be found at it’s roots. Who better than you and Roberta!! What better game to bring it all around than KQ???
Thanks for reading!
I’ll stop harrasing you now!!! 🙂
-King Rygar