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(re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) Ken,
First off, thank you for doing this site! This is the most exciting thing for me as a Veteran Sierra fan in a while, and it’s all because it has your signature on it!
I became hooked on Sierra products when I was 4, my big brother got an IBM PCjr with 128k RAM, and King’s Quest 1 (in the old grey IBM box) We played Black Cauldron as well in the dark, and thanks to your games I learned to type in the dark by 5! I do play Counterstrike but really, I was very sad when it was obvious you and Roberta departed, the Sierra logo even changed and I wept 🙂 !! I always look at the old Sierra catalogs and look at the Oakhurst building and dream of buying that place and calling everyone back there to continue the games, and I’d sign the company over to you!!! But until then, Thanks for the games, and the wonderful memories!
Have you ever considered using a new name other than Sierra and getting the rights back to the series themselves??? Hey you could use On-Line Systems again !!!! : ) How would we make Sierra a non-public company again????? Ahhhh dreams I suppose !!
I hope one day you and Roberta get back into games, I’ll be right there ready to buy every game, something I was unable to do, I relied on my parents and brother to buy the games (I was a kid!!) Now I use ebay and have collected almost every single Sierra game, they are timeless!!
Thanks again for this awesome site!