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(re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) Ken,
All I have to say is that you are living the dream. Seriously, if I started my own business and it went huge, and then I sold it, I’d be set for life. Why would you want to take the risk of doing it again. I mean I know life is boring without challenges but I’m sure there are plenty of challenges out there without having to have the stress of your own computer company. I don’t like to compare but I will. Look at Miyamoto for Nintendo, he basically oversees ALOT of games but he doesn’t own the company and he totally loves his job. Ken, I think you would be amazing in that sort of role where you give projects vision. In todays world of regurgitation we need people like you who is proven to put games back on track. Yeah, I know it’s my selfish dream for your life but hey I thought I would give it a go.