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(re: Ken Williams – after Sierra) Nope — I’ve been a total deadbeat. I haven’t played a game, much less worked on one – for almost seven years now.
I called Sierra once (about 3 years ago) to see if I could help – but, they blew me off.
Roberta and I would love to do a game, but neither of us wants to sit still. We travel MOST of the time. Sitting at a desk working on a game for two years doesn’t sound that fun. Well … actually, it does and it doesn’t. A couple of times, like when I called Sierra, I had made the decision to drop back in. Who knows what would have happened if they had taken me up on my offer. Also, recently, I heard a rumor that Vivendi might sell Sierra. I dropped hints that I’d be willing to work with someone who wanted to buy it (perhaps as chairman or some R&D role) – but, fortunately, no one took me up on it.
-Ken W