Reply To: The Sierra HQ’s


(re: The Sierra HQ’s) Hi, there! Jess Morrissette of the aforementioned Virtual Broomcloset here. I did indeed make the trek to Oakhurst while visiting Yosemite National Park on my honeymoon in mid-March. As Petter mentioned, the “redwood building” (now called the Sierra Professional Center) is presently a medical clinic. As an interesting side note, I went into the building and asked a receptionist if it was indeed the old Sierra On-Line building–just in case I was crazy. Her response? “I’ve never heard of Sierra On-Line. Is that like a telephone company or something?”
Anyway, I also dropped by the “warehouse” building while I was in town. As of March 20, it was still Codemasters. The place was fairly deserted when I stopped by, but their name was still on the door. For what it’s worth, though, I did notice a promotional box in their lobby for a Gameboy Color (or Gameboy Advance) title.
Want to see some photos? Here I am at the “redwood building.”

And here I am meeting the World Famous Talking Bear!

I have one of me at Codemasters, but it’s fairly boring. After all, as Ken mentioned, it really does look like an aircraft hanger. 🙂 Best wishes!