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I realize this thread is probably long abandoned and forgotten, but just for completion’s sake, I can fill in a few of the voids.

Jane Jensen was initially hired by a man named Michael Feinberg. Michael had been hired (I believe by Bill Davis) to head up the newly formed “Product Design department,” a department made up of designers who would be in-house rather than contract. Michael only stayed at Sierra a few months.

Bruce Balfour was also hired by Michael Feinberg.

Lorelei Shannon started out as a writer in the Creative Services department, writing InterAction material, ads, box copy, and so on. We brought her into the Product Design department, I think, around the time that Bridget McKenna left.

Gano Haine was also hired by Michael Feinberg, I believe.

Bridget McKenna and Leslie Balfour were, like Lorelei, folded into Product Design from Creative Services.

Scott Murphy became part of the Product Design department after SQ4 was released and Mark Crowe went to Dynamix.

I was initially hired by Guruka Singh Khalsa and Bill Davis as a junior Producer, since there were so many games coming out and only one producer to handle them all. I moved into the Product Design department when that was formed, and then headed up that department after Michael Feinberg left.